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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Shoes Man

Does Liberty Shoes Limited's 
This analysis aims first to contrast CEO compensation with other companies that have similar market capitalization. After that, we will consider the growth in the business. And finally we will reflect on how common stockholders have fared in the last few years, as a secondary measure of performance. This method should give us information to assess how appropriately the company pays the CEO.

How Does Adesh Gupta's Compensation Compare With Similar Sized Companies?
At the time of writing our data says that Liberty Shoes Limited has a market cap of ₹1.9b, and is paying total annual CEO compensation of ₹4.8m. (This is based on the year to March 2018). It is worth noting that the CEO compensation consists almost entirely of the salary, worth ₹4.8m. We took a group of companies with market capitalizations below ₹14b, and calculated the median CEO total compensation to be ₹1.3m.

Thus we can conclude that Adesh Gupta receives more in total compensation than the median of a group of companies in the same market, and of similar size to Liberty Shoes Limited. However, this doesn't necessarily mean the pay is too high. We can get a better idea of how generous the pay is by looking at the performance of the underlying business.

The graphic below shows how CEO compensation at Liberty Shoes has changed from year to year.

Is Liberty Shoes Limited Growing?
On average over the last three years, Liberty Shoes Limited has shrunk earnings per share by 7.9% each year (measured with a line of best fit). Its revenue is up 11% over last year.

Few shareholders would be pleased to read that earnings per share are lower over three years. While the revenue growth is good to see, it is outweighed by the fact that earnings per share are down, over three years. These factors suggest that the business performance wouldn't really justify a high pay packet for the CEO. Although we don't have analyst forecasts, shareholders might want to examine this detailed historical graph of earnings, revenue and cash flow.

Has Liberty Shoes Limited Been A Good Investment?
With a three year total loss of 42%, Liberty Shoes Limited would certainly have some dissatisfied shareholders. It therefore might be upsetting for shareholders if the CEO were paid generously.

In Summary...
We compared total CEO remuneration at Liberty Shoes Limited with the amount paid at companies with a similar market capitalization. Our data suggests that it pays above the median CEO pay within that group.

We think many shareholders would be underwhelmed with the business growth over the last three years.

Every Sort Of Summer Shoe For Every Single Man

Summer: a joyous time of mirth and worryingly early call times for an Aperol Spritz. This is the most wonderful time of the year. Less so, however, for your feet.

That's because as the world broils, your winter footwear is rendered redundant. Brogues are a no-go, boots a leather-shelled No Man's Land. Instead, we try to find a midpoint that's appropriate for work and the weekend.

A tall order, but luckily one we've solved. The incoming hot weather needn't scorch your style, and we've the best men's summer shoes below to prove it.

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Best For: Smart(ish) Dressers

Summer allows for a relaxation of dress codes. A good thing. But what if you're intrinsically a very smart man. What then?

You don't descend into shorts and T-shirts and sneakers. Instead, you combine your summer-ready shirt and chinos with some suede loafers: a way to add breeze to the ankle, and much softer than regular leather.

Suede Penny Loafers, £325,

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Best For: Lazy Saturdays

Menswear's preoccupation with the half-pipe refuses to budge. That means you should jump on with both feet.

Vans is a good place to start. Not only is a canvas construction easily washed - important considering summer's surplus of grass stains and scuffs - but the slip-on design sits pretty alongside shorts and white socks and oversized T-shirts.

Comfycush Slip-On Shoes, £57,


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Best For: Prep 2.0ers

Prep style is back. Though instead of sweaters-over-the-shoulders and sneery looks, it's more colourful, more nineties and more at home on Vampire Weekend's Upper West Side than a white party on the Hamptons.

That means you invest in some boat shoes, stat. Sperry's chocolate leather iterations are summer-appropriate, and thanks to Prep 2.0, are decidedly en vogue.

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Best For: The Eight Holidays You've Foolishly Booked

The rise of the Birkenstock has been an almighty one. And, better yet, packs a rare collision of style and substance.

Boasting an airy, open-toed design, contoured footbeds make for a comfortable (and breathable) summer tread, granting you carte blanche to pair with your favourite South of France threads.

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